PFC Z-Rated Front Brake Pads (Pair) for Mustang 2015-20 | #7192.10

Performance Friction - PFC

SKU: PFC-1792.10

Z-Rated Carbon Metallic
Front Brake Pads (Pair)
for Ford Mustang 2015-2020 feat Brembo Brakes
Manufactured by Performance Friction | Part #7192.10

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Get the optimal braking performance for your Mustang from PFC's patented Z-Rated Carbon Metallic brake pads. 

Their Z-Rated compound has been developed for use on fast road and track-day enhanced vehicle applications. It provides more stopping power and increased fade resistance over the standard OE materials but retains the good qualities of the road pad.


  • More consistent pedal
  • Zero vibration
  • Smoother release
  • More drivability
  • More car control
  • More predictability
  • Increased cornering speed
  • Quicker lap times
  • Faster transition times
  • Better tyre utilisation

This part now replaces Part #7761.10

 Z-Rated compound

It's quicker, it's cooler and it's patented. Every year hundreds of major championships around the world are won with PFC Z-Rated calipers, Direct Drive discs and Carbon Metallic pads.

Quieter - PFC pads outperform all ceramic and semi-metallic pads in noise tests.

Quicker - Carbon Metallic pads deliver more stopping power throughout the operating temperature range. Firmer and more responsive pedal. 

Lower Dust - Carbon Metallic brake pads contain ZERO hazardous dust. 

Lasts much longer - Carbon Metallic brake pads have a higher thermal threshold making them more resilient to wear than any other semi-metallic or ceramic pads during temperature range testing. This results in better brake pad and disc life.

This compound can be used in OE calipers or aftermarket brake kits in applications where an increase in performance is required over the standard OE friction material.

Why choose Performance Friction Brakes?

PFC Brakes continues to be the market leader wherever drivers demand unrivalled performance and quality - No Compromises. Their brake calipers, discs and pads outperform the competition in all markets, from professional racing to commercial fleets.

At Performance Friction they don't just cope OE, they make it better.

Vehicle application

  • Ford Mustang All Models 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
    *with Brembo Brake Package

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