2 x 3" Cut Out Pipes Tube Stainless Steel Universal Magnaflow Exhaust 10785


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SKU: 10785MFx2


2 x Stainless Steel Universal Exhaust Cut-Out
Tubing I.D. Size: 3in



Exhaust Cut-Out

When you're at the racetrack and you're looking for that slight performance edge, MagnaFlow's exhaust cut-outs are the ideal solution. Instead of going through the hassle of removing your existing exhaust system, the addition of a MagnaFlow cut-out allows you to easily "uncork" your motor, by giving the exhaust gasses a way to bypass the remainder of the exhaust system after the point where the cut-out is installed. By opening up the exhaust cut-outs, you'll be releasing back-pressure and, in return, see maximum gains in the horsepower and torque categories.

The MagnaFlow cut-outs were designed with ease of installation in mind and with its slip-fit layout, no welding is required.

MagnaFlow's Exhaust Cut-Out's are available in 2.25" to 3" inlet/outlet diameters for those looking to complete their one-off system.

PART NUMBER: 2 x 10785
Material: 100% Stainless Steel
Tubing I.D. Size: 3in.

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