3.5" 89mm Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Exhaust Band Clamp Magnaflow 10165


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SKU: 10165MF


New MagnaFlow Universal

Stainless Steel Heavy Duty

Exhaust Band Clamp


1 x Clamp TORCA SS

1.25" 3.50in.




MagnaFlow AccuSeal- stainless steel exhaust band clamps. Compared with conventional U-clamps and flat band clamps, these high torque clamps offer a much tighter seal by using a reaction block that transfers bolt torque into clamp strength assuring a tight seal all the way around. With the addition of these exhaust band clamps, the installation and removal time of your exhaust system is drastically cut down. Available in various sizes ranging from 2" all the way up to 5" and backed by MagnaFlow's lifetime warranty, we're sure there's an application to fit your band clamp needs.


MagnaFlow Part Number:- 10165

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