Magnaflow T-304 Stainless Steel Exhaust Tip (Polished 4" Round, 22" Long, 2.5" Inlet) | #35119

Magnaflow T-304 Stainless Steel Exhaust Tip (Polished 4" Round, 22" Long, 2.5" Inlet)  | #35119 SALE


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Universal Performance Exhaust Tip 
for Trucks & SUVs

 Stainless Steel Single Wall Tip
15° Rolled Edge Angle Cut
4" Round, 22" Length, 2.5" Inlet

Manufactured by Magnaflow Part #35119

Magnaflow available at NEMESISUK.COM

Dynamic Exhaust Tips - MagnaFlow is the world leader in manufacturing in-demand, dynamic and stylish exhaust tips for cars, trucks and SUVs. Put simply, Magnaflow build quality, power and sound into every component they make. The result is a selection of exhaust tips you can rely on to enhance whatever vehicle you choose to drive or ride.

Magnaflow proudly offer a variety of both weld-on and clamp-on exhaust components.

While you may get an immediate improvement in the way your vehicle sounds and performs after installing an exhaust system upgrade, you want to finish the job right. That is, the exhaust tip you choose for your vehicle is likely the component most automotive enthusiasts see first. If you choose the wrong one, the overall appearance of your vehicle does not meet your expectations. When you order the best exhaust tips, you know your vehicle achieves the polished look you are going for with Magnaflow.

All their products are made at the manufacturing facility in Oceanside, California, using only top-grade materials and state-of-the-art technology.

Whether you are looking for custom exhaust tips for a specialized vehicle or direct-fit components for your everyday commuter vehicle, choose Magnaflow.

Even better, as an ISO-9001 certified company, you can trust their components to take your ride to the next level. Every Magnaflow part comes with a lifetime warranty.

T-304 Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips

Whether you are looking for a long, short, fat or compact exhaust tip, MagnaFlow has it. They make all the exhaust tips from high-grade T-304 stainless steel. T-304 stainless steel offers a number of advantages over other types of low-grade stainless steel, including:

  • An alloy that includes both nickel and chromium
  • A material that is less thermally and electrically conductive
  • A virtually non-magnetic surface 
  • A finish with a higher resistance to corrosion 
  • A material that can mold into essentially any shape

As you likely know, exhaust tips are often susceptible to the ravages of weather. For that reason, muffler ends on most vehicles on the road today look like a rusty mess. When you add a MagnaFlow exhaust tip to your vehicle, you don’t have to worry about corrosion, blemishes or buildup.

The Choice Is Yours

When you are adding a tip to your vehicle’s upgraded exhaust system, fitment is critical. After all, few things can take more away from the sound of your vehicle than a rattling or loose exhaust tip.

Fortunately, when you leave your exhaust system upgrade to MagnaFlow, you never have to worry about fit. Their tips are designed to give you the best possible fit.

Magnaflow exhaust tips come in a variety of sizes, you choose the one that works best with your vehicle’s overall design. Whether you are looking for single or dual exhaust tips, you find the perfect component for your vehicle in their expansive parts selection.

You can fit a polished stainless steel exhaust tip onto your vehicle’s stock exhaust system to immediately improve the look and quality of the end of your vehicle’s exhaust system. 

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SKU: 35119MF

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