BMW M2 M3 M4 Rear Diff Front Mounting Poly Bush Powerflex PFR5-4026


SKU: PFR5-4026
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Powerflex from Nemesis UK

Rear Differential Front Mounting Bush Inserts x 1


 BMW M2 F87 M3 F80 M4 F82

 Palmersport helped with the development of these parts. They run a fleet of rental M3/M4's and have experienced these bushes failing causing the diff to move and knock. Their cars are used extremely hard so they discovered the problem very quickly but it is obvious that this will become a common problem on track cars or as they age. Solve the problem before it occurs or simply tighten up the diff location using POWERFLEX Bushing Inserts. 

Is a replacement bush that features a built in support washer, providing further stability of the diff under acceleration. This part replaces OE number: 33177852495. For an insert only please use PFR5-4028.

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