Citroen AX 10 11 14 1.4 GTi Quality Fuel Pump Assembly


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Brand New
In Tank - Fuel Pump Assembly

Suitable For:-

AX (ZA-_)
1.4 GTi
74Kw 100CV 1360cc
33Kw 45CV 954cc
Construction year from: 07.1992
37Kw 50CV 954cc
Construction year from: 07.1992
44Kw 60CV 1124cc
Construction year from: 10.1989
Engine Code: HDZ (TU1M)
11 Cat (ZA_)
40Kw 54CV 1124cc
14 (ZA)
55Kw 75CV 1360cc
Construction year from: 06.1988
14 4x4
55Kw 75CV 1360cc
14 GT
59Kw 80CV 1360cc
Part Number Cross Reference:-

CITROEN 145508
CITROEN 96103451
PEUGEOT 145508
PEUGEOT 96103451
PEUGEOT 96182649
ROBERT BOSCH GMBH 0 580 305 007
S.I.D.A.T. S.r.l. 72178
TALBOT 9610345180


When ordering, please include your vehicle registration number on the order to ensure you get the right part first time.
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Limited Lifetime Warranty Period of 1 Year

Brand New Boxed

Designed to replace original fuel pump assembly in the tank.

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