FERRADA FT3 22" Wheels in Machine Silver

FERRADA FT Series FT3 22" Wheels in Machine Silver | Buy online at NEMESISUK.COM


SKU: FT322955139MS20
Available for pre-order

Price is per wheel. For a full set, be sure to add a quantity of 4 wheels to your basket. This enables you to choose different fitment for front pairs and rear pairs.
You may be contacted to confirm your requirements after an order has been placed.

For any questions on wheel fitment options available for your vehicle, get in touch.

FT Series FT3 Wheels
22" in Machine Silver
Manufactured by Ferrada Wheels

Ferrada FT3 logotype


A pure mesh design with sleek lines, give you the best of both worlds. A complex design that will turn heads endlessly, with subtle undertones to keep you drawn into your wheel.

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