LED Daylight Running Lights Upgrade and Fog Light Replacement for Cayman 987.1 2005-08 NEM3001

Nemesis UK

SKU: NEM3001


Replace your 2005-2008 Cayman's Fog-Lights with our

Nemesis UK LED Light Bars, updating it beyond the Gen 2 Cars

Manufactured in the U.S.A. of polypropylene T20 (the same material as Porsche original equipment), these 2005-2008 Cayman LED Light Bars complete with Radiator Guards, absorb impact and protect air conditioning condensers. The 100% colour impregnation, ensures they show no paint chip marks.

The wide-angle ultra-high-output LEDs in these light bars, create greater visibility and yield over 10 years of service. The 1mm diameter LEDs' reflectors are protected by encapsulation within hardened epoxy lenses.

The addition of an extra strong polypropylene mesh, also protects your A/C condensers and radiators while adding a touch of the Porsche GT3 aesthetic.
Providing simple plug-n-play installation, anyone capable of replacing a fog-light bulb can install these LED light bars. With a little extra simple wiring they can be hard wired as Daytime Driving Lights DDL's.

The water resistant installation is easily reversed should you wish to return to the stock configuration.
The 2005-2008 Cayman LED Light Bars with Radiator Guards are sold as a pair (driver and passenger side) complete with easy to follow step- by-step instructions and all of the necessary components to produce a professional installation.
Watch the installation video before purchasing.


This product has a limited one-year warranty against any electronic defect within the LED array (circuit board or component LEDs), the wiring pigtail or its BAX9S connector (which interfaces with the OEM wiring harness).

This warranty has no provision for damage due to misuse, modification, impact, accident, collision or failure to follow the waterproofing step as described in step #15 from the supplied installation instructions.
These 2018 production units employ new updated LED arrays providing the following benefits:
1) A whiter colour temperature (will more closely match Porsche original headlamp colour)
2) Increased lumen output (much brighter!)
3) LEDs manufactured by the highest quality maker, with gold thread encapsulation (world's most reliable)
4) LEDs mounted "through hole" on circuit board.
5) Epistar chips (world's top quality for reliability)

This 2018 model version is now in stock in the UK ready to ship throughout Europe.

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