MP CONCEPTS Quarter Window Scoops for Mustang 2015-21 | #MU15-WS-U/-GB

MP CONCEPTS Quarter Window Scoops for Mustang 2015-21  | #MU15-WS-U/-GB
MP CONCEPTS Quarter Window Scoops for Mustang 2015-21  | #MU15-WS-U/-GB
MP CONCEPTS Quarter Window Scoops for Mustang 2015-21  | #MU15-WS-U/-GB
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Updated 16/06/22

Quarter Window Scoops (Gloss Black or Unpainted)
for Ford Mustang 2015-21

Manufactured by MP Concepts | Part #MU15-WS-U / #MU15-WS-GB

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This pair of lustrous black quarter panels add a menacing appearance to your S550 Fast Back Mustang GT and Ecoboost that makes it truly unique.

MP Concepts Mustang Quarter Window Scoops resembles Roush styling. With these scoops, your car will add some visual styling that separates it from other Mustangs on the road. It isn’t old-style or modern.

These quarter window scoops from MP Concepts are going to offer a little bit of a different look when you compare them to other quarter window scoop options since they aren’t going to cover the entire window.

The MP Concepts Mustang Quarter Window Scoops are made from ABS plastic, so it’s going to be lightweight, but durable at the same time. ABS is nice, especially for exterior parts, because it’s going to last longer and be able to hold up against the weather and sun. Built with acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) material, these Mustang Quarter Window Scoops by MP Concepts are perfect for the daily driver looking for a durable panel. These shiny scoops are lightweight and super durable to withstand heavy wind when driving.

Glossy black finish or if you prefer, you can always paint them to match the colour of your Mustang.

Installing is an easy task that doesn’t require drilling. Apply the supplied durable, double-sided 3M tape to the scoop with firm even pressure and attach in the Mustang’s quarter window panel in just minutes.

Vehicle application

  • Ford Mustang 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
  • This pair of gloss black MP Concepts Quarter Window Scoops are specifically designed to fit on all the 2015 – 2020 S550 Fast Back Mustang models.

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      MP CONCEPTS Quarter Window Scoops for Mustang 2015-21 | #MU15-WS-U/-GB

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