Mustang 2015on 2.3L EcoBoost Mishimoto Performance Downpipe W/Cat MMDP-MUS4-15CAT

MMDP-MUS4-15CAT Mustang EcoBoost Catted Down Pipe - Nemesis UK
MMDP-MUS4-15CAT Mustang EcoBoost Catted Down Pipe - Nemesis UK
MMDP-MUS4-15CAT Mustang EcoBoost Catted Down Pipe - Nemesis UK
MMDP-MUS4-15CAT Mustang EcoBoost Catted Down Pipe - Nemesis UK
MMDP-MUS4-15CAT Mustang EcoBoost Catted Down Pipe - Nemesis UK


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Mishimoto from Nemesis UK

Mustang 2015on 2.3L EcoBoost

Mishimoto Performance

Catted Down Pipe, 2015+


Mishimoto continues to expand on our line of performance exhaust system components! After months of development and testing, Mishimoto has released the stainless steel downpipe with Catalytic Converter for the Ford Mustang EcoBoost! This EcoBoost Mustang downpipe was designed with maximum exhaust flow in mind, using 3" mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing. This Mustang EcoBoost downpipe will easily outflow the stock restrictive piece, and allow your EcoBoost Mustang to make maximum power and torque! With this Mustang EcoBoost downpipe installed on our EBM Mustang and the ECU re-flashed with a more aggressive tune, the engine was able to make an additional 65 whp and 108 wtq over stock with our catted downpipe installed.

The Mishimoto Mustang EcoBoost downpipe was also designed to be easy to install, as well as adaptable to many exhaust configurations. We know there are many choices out there for cat-back exhausts, and the included 3.0"-2.25" adapter allows easy mating to the stock Mustang EcoBoost exhaust or most aftermarket cat-back exhausts with the stock-sized 2.25" mid-pipe. The adapter can also be omitted, so the downpipe has a 3.0"" V-band outlet to mate up to a custom exhaust, or the upcoming Mishimoto Mustang EcoBoost Cat-Back Exhaust to make a full 3" downpipe / mid-pipe combination.

The two-piece EcoBoost Mustang downpipe design allows for an easier installation without wrestling a large bulky pipe into place. The Mustang EcoBoost downpipe comes with all of the necessary clamps and flanges you’ll need for installation, and mates perfectly to your stock turbo gasket, making the need to purchase additional gaskets or hardware unnecessary! Like all of our EcoBoost Mustang parts, this downpipe comes with the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty!
  • Direct fit for the 2015+ Ford Mustang EcoBoost
  • Extremely aggressive turbo and exhaust tone under acceleration and boost
  • 304 stainless steel 2-piece design allows for uninterrupted exhaust flow and an easy installation
  • 3" exhaust diameter for maximum flow
  • Fits with both manual and automatic transmissions
  • Includes stainless steel 2-bolt mounting flange to the turbo
  • Additional wideband O2 sensor bung for aftermarket wideband sensors
  • Mates with the stock cat-back exhaust or any aftermarket exhaust with a 2.25" mid-pipe
  • High flow catalytic converter
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

(1) Stainless Steel, 2-piece downpipe with floating 2-bolt flange, slip joint connector, and V-band flange
(1) High-Flow Catalytic Converter
(1) 3.0" Slip Joint Clamp
(1) 3.0" V-Band Clamp
(1) 3.0" to 2.25" exhaust adapter (for use with stock exhaust or most aftermarket cat-back exhaust with a 2.25" mid-pipe)
Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

304 Stainless Steel

304 Stainless Steel

3.0" from Turbo to V-band
3.0" tapering to 2.25" and the end of the exhaust adapter

304 Stainless Steel

200 Cell Spun Metallic Core


2.3L EcoBoost

15+ Ford Mustang EcoBoost, Manual and Automatic Transmissions
This product fits both stock and automatic transmissions, there are no additional parts needed for automatic transmission fitment.

This downpipe cannot be used with the stock ECU programming. The customer must retune the vehicle's ECU after installing the downpipe. Power gains will vary depending on the type of ECU tune that is applied to the vehicle, and other supporting modifications that are installed.

The Mishimoto downpipe is for track and off-road use only. The customer must have a professional engine tune/calibration after installing the downpipe.

The catalytic converter is manufactured using 304 grade automotive stainless steel. This particular grade of stainless has the tendency to form a protective layer of surface rust in wet/humid/snowy climates or when exposed to salted roads. This layer is superficial and will not penetrate the metal itself. It can be removed using soap and water and a steel Brillo or S.O.S pad. In the rare event that 304 stainless steel pipes become rusted through, the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty will cover replacement.
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Mustang 2015on 2.3L EcoBoost Mishimoto Performance Downpipe W/Cat MMDP-MUS4-15CAT

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