ROUSH Window Side Scoops (Gloss Black) for Mustang 2015-21 | #421881

Fitted Roush Window Side Scoops (Gloss Black) for Mustang 2015-18 | #421881 Nemesis Uk


SKU: RO-421881
Available for pre-order

Quarter Window Side Scoops (Painted Black)
for Ford Mustang 2.3L Ecoboost / 3.7L V6 / 5.0L GT 2015-21
Manufactured by ROUSH® Performance #421881

Roush from Nemesis UK

These made from Blow Molded ABS with OEM levels of durability and impact resistance.

ABS is a trusted material that has been used in the making of countless ROUSH products.

The Quarter Window Scoops are designed around original manufacturer CAD data for optimum quality and fit to ensure a quick and easy installation. All mounting hardware and tape is included for quick and easy installation.

These do NOT fit Bullitt models or Mustangs with the custom pack. This is due to the additional Chrome Trim around the windows which causes these to not fit flush against the window.

NOTE: These scoops come from ROUSH pre-painted in a gloss black finish. ROUSH does not offer these in any other pre-painted factory Ford colour, nor is there a primed option.

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