Mustang 2015on with Brembo Package Rear Brake Pads PFC 7786

Performance Friction - PFC

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Performance Frictions Rear Brake Pads

Ford Mustang with Brembo Package


Ford Mustang with Brembo Package
2015 50th Anniversary Edition
Base Model
Performance Model
Roush P-51

Rear brake pad road 2015-

PFC delivers BETTER CAR PERFORMANCE THROUGH OPTIMAL TYRE UTILISATION by improving the individual performance of the elements that influence the entire braking system.

  • More consistent pedal
  • Zero vibration
  • Smoother release
  • More drivability
  • More car control
  • More predictability
  • Increased cornering speed
  • Quicker lap times
  • Faster transition times
  • Better tyre utilisation

Performance Friction pad and disc combination provides optimal braking experience for our customers.  We recommend using the full PFC product line and it is in the customer’s best interest to use all PFC products.  This ensures an increase in overall savings for the customer and creates a safer environment with lean-green products.  However, PFC pads can be used with OE aftermarket discs, all while still ensuring PFC’s guarantees and warranties.

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