Porsche Competition Wheel Stud Conversion Kit Conical Nut from Nemesis UK

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Wheel Stud Conversion Kit for Audi/VW

& Porsche with Aftermarket Wheels

Includes 20 x Studs and 20 Conical Nuts

and in lengths 35mm, 40mm, 50mm & 60mm

Important: All lug nuts are for use with M14x1.5 studs. Please verify lug nut seat pattern with your wheel's manufacturer. The following should be used as a general guideline only

CONICAL FACE NUTS - For aftermarket wheels using conical seats  (only available in Silver)

BALL R14 - For Porsche OEM wheels - Click Here (only available in Black)

If you are still using those factory aluminium lug nuts that are prone to cracking, stripping, and seizing up? Switch to these steel nuts and studs which make wheel changes easier and quicker to do. These stud conversions are popular in Motorsport applications and required for a lot of organised track/race events.

Nemesis UK's competition wheel studs offer customers the ability to get rid of the factory lug bolts that make those quick tire changes impossible. These studs are manufactured from carbon alloy steel and are heat treated grade 8 construction to exceed the requirements outlined by SAE standards. These come standard with a Black Zinc coating which is far superior to the Black Oxide coating found on many other studs in the marketplace. Studs have been certified to meet ISO 898-1 class 10.9 requirements. These studs are an m14x1.5 thread commonly found on Porsche, Audi, and several other makes, and are available in 35mm, 40mm, 50mm and 60mm lengths of usable thread.

Sold as a complete kit with 20 studs and 20 nuts with the option of different lengths for front and rear axle. This offers you the opportunity to order the most suitable length studs to match different front and rear wheel spacers when fitted.

For OEM and most aftermarket wheels and even with most spacers 40mm will be long enough. 

14mm of threads on hub side
7mm of un-threaded shoulder for brake rotor
35mm, 40mm, 50mm or 60mm of threaded stud from shoulder
Conical Seat Lug Nuts

For Audi/VW and aftermarket Porsche Conical seat wheels.


Check your wheels as OEM Porsche wheels use R14 Ball Nuts which are available by Clicking Here.

Learn about wheel fastenings here

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