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Quick Detailer by Pyramid Car Care.

Pyramid Car Care Quick Detailer is a fast and effective way of topping up your car’s shine between washes as well as helping to get rid of light dust and dirt.



Quick Detailer contains gloss enhancers which add extra gloss when you don’t have time for a full polish and wax. As well as effortlessly removing light dust and fingerprints from your paintwork.
Quick Detailer can be used as a clay lube to help reduce the risk of claying induced scratches, encouraging the clay to glide and pick up any dirt and debris embedded in your paintwork.

Top Tips: Quick Detailer

Spray directly onto your paintwork or for more intricate areas spray a small amount onto a clean microfiber cloth and wipe over the surface. Spread the product with one side of your microfiber and then buff with the other
For clay lube spray liberally onto the panel, ensuring the clay glides over the surface then simply buff when complete
Quick Detailer can also be used as an emergency glass cleaner!

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