ROUSH R Series Kit for Bronco 2021-22 | #RO-422239

ROUSH R Series Kit for Bronco 2021-22 | #RO-422239
ROUSH R Series Kit for Bronco 2021-22 | #RO-422239
ROUSH R Series Kit for Bronco 2021-22 | #RO-422239
ROUSH R Series Kit for Bronco 2021-22 | #RO-422239
ROUSH R Series Kit for Bronco 2021-22 | #RO-422239


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R Series Kit for Bronco 2021-22|
Manufactured by Roush |
Part #RO-422239

Roush Performance Logo

Adventure Awaits

Make your 2021-2022.3L or 2.7L Bronco’s stand out from the herd with the ROUSH Bronco R Series Kit. Joining the ranks of the Mustang, F150, Super Duty, and Ranger, the ROUSH Bronco R Series Kit joins our line up with the same promise of trusted performance, capability, and dependability. Available exclusively in kit form, the ROUSH Bronco R Series allows both dealers and customers to install the package at the dealership or in their own driveway. The contents of the kit have been uniquely designed and selected by ROUSH to take the ultra-capable Bronco even further, both in appearance and capabilities, as well as attitude. Each package is recognized as an official ROUSH vehicle, including counterfeit-protective content and identification within the kit.
A ROUSH Performance exhaust system brings a new level of attitude to the vehicle as well. Utilizing the existing joint location, this exhaust is easy to install and brings with it a greater level of engine presence when you are cruising down the highway or the trails. The system pairs perfectly with both 2.3L and 2.7L engine options. Complete with a stainless steel ROUSH muffler and a removable black-coated tip, this exhaust system is ready for action in the adventure ahead. The removable exhaust tip is proudly etched with the ROUSH R logo and allows for an even greater departure angle when taking your Bronco off-road.
At the front of Bronco, we’ve taken a deep dive into the off-road capabilities of the vehicle and have equipped it with a larger capacity air filtration system. Combining our knowledge from off-road racing with our capabilities in engine controls, we have combined the two into a high-filtration capacity, non-engine altering, solution. The system includes a larger capacity air filter and pre-filter that is proven to increase durability and overall longevity of our air induction system. Additionally, a clear monitoring window is provided at the top of the airbox so you can keep tabs on the cleanliness of the filtration system.
All these efforts were balanced and tested to ensure vehicle water fording capabilities are maintained, which are a staggering 33.5”!
Designed to accommodate most off-road tires in both all-terrain and mud-terrain offerings, the new 17-inch wheels were designed for the rigors of off-road use, including extraneous testing well beyond the standards of the general aftermarket. The construction of the wheel, and unique color treatment, extend the ROUSH Performance family appearance between F150 and Bronco. Within the kit, you get five wheels, including the externally mounted spare. *Wheel design conveniently allows re-use of OE lug nuts
All ROUSH components are highlighted with several pieces of external identification of the authentic ROUSH Bronco R Series kit. A full host of graphics and badging, unique to this vehicle package, are included. Graphics include iconic designs for the body side, hood, rear, and windshield header. Key branding locations for ROUSH-themed design highlight the Broncos aesthetic and tell the world this isn’t just any ordinary Bronco.

Planning for all outdoor adventures, ROUSH has equipped each ROUSH Bronco R Series package with a full off-road recovery set. Combining vehicle tools and personal protective equipment, the off-road recovery kit is as useful as it is stylish. Each kit starts with a custom ROUSH case that holds the equipment securely in place and can double as a durable piece of personal storage. Included are a set of D links, flashlight, protective work gloves, and a full-strength recovery strap. The recovery strap has finished loop ends designed to be utilized on the provided D links while having universal applications for those most adventurous customers.

To ensure peace of mind, each ROUSH Bronco R Series kit also contains a center console locking vault. Designed to hold your valuables and protect them away from peering eyes and curious fingers, the safe’s combination lock can easily be set and or changed without any need of batteries. Additionally, each Bronco R-Series kit comes with a full floor liner set with deep groove, heavy-duty rubber liners for the front row, middle row, and cargo areas. Just because your feet get muddy doesn’t mean your truck needs to as well!

*The ROUSH Performance Bronco Axle-back Exhaust System (422234) and Air Induction System (422233) are also sold separately.


  • High-Capacity Air Filtration System With See-Through Lens - (Fits 2.3L/2.7L)
  • Dust, Debris And Water Repellent Pre-Filter With R Logo
  • Lightweight, High-Clearance Axle-Back Exhaust With Removable R-Branded Black Tip (Fits 21 and 22 2.3L/2.7L)
  • (5) ROUSH Satin Iridium Gray Wheels (Tires Not Included): 17x8.5+25 Offset
  • Floor Protection Kit: Full Depth Front, Middle And Rear Section (4-Door Only)
  • Off-Road Recovery Kit - Includes: Custom ROUSH Case, Recovery Strap, D-Links, Flashlight, Work Gloves
  • Steel Console Vault With 4-digit Combination Lock
  • ROUSH Key Fobs
  • Hood Cowl Graphic
  • ROUSH Front Banner
  • Body Side Graphic (4-Door Only - Includes Duplicate Driver Door For Ford Keypad Option)
  • American Flag Body Graphics
  • Jack Roush USA Signature Decal
  • ROUSH Front Fender Badges
  • Interior ROUSH Graphic
  • R Hitch Cover
  • ROUSH Performance License Plate Frame
  • Certificate Of Authenticity
  • ROUSH R Series Crate & Collection Box
  • Official ROUSH Performance Vehicle Door Jamb Label

Vehicle Application

  • Insert vehicle applications

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ROUSH R Series Kit for Bronco 2021-22 | #RO-422239

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