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Performance Driven - new brand positioning is launched for Nemesis UK

by Dawn Tomlinson 22 Aug 2017

Where it all began

We started Nemesis UK 10 years ago and remain a family run business to this day.

Our first outfit was a workshop in Bromsgrove, in the heart of the Midlands, where we stocked and installed performance parts such as Magnaflow Performance Exhausts for local customers. Then too, we started an eBay store and began selling a comprehensive range of automotive aftermarket parts globally.

As business grew we quickly realised that running late nights in the workshop installing parts was preventing the team from being able to focus on offering a dedicated advice service to our online customers, or providing the time we needed to develop relationships with new suppliers.

So, in 2010 we closed the workshop and shortly afterward moved around the corner to a modern office and warehouse where our team began to redefine our customer service and improve the range of products on offer.

Over the last 5 years, we’ve gradually developed business associations with more ‘movers and shakers’ in the performance parts industry from across USA and Europe, and now offer exclusive UK distribution of several brands from the States including Corsa Performance, aFe Power and Lund Racing.

At the end of 2016 we launched our new online store, giving our customers a one-stop shop to discover performance parts at great prices and elevate our brand. Here you’ll see new brands being added all the time such as our latest lines from BMR Suspension and Anderson Composites.

Having taken on a second warehouse unit next door, we are now one of the biggest stockists of Magnaflow and Borla products in England, with shipments of new products arriving monthly from the US.

What’s in a name

Through all this time, while we’ve always been Nemesis UK Performance Ltd, our business has adopted several name extensions which we continue promote ourselves with, as a way of emphasising the specialist areas we know.  

Magnaflow UK is owing to our Owners long serving history working with this premium exhaust brand before starting up Nemesis UK. In fact, we have over 25 years combined experience dealing and installing Magnaflow products and so pride ourselves on being able to offer expert knowledge in their entire range.

We are fanatics of the Ford Mustang, from classic models through to the latest 2017 SS50s, they are simply an icon of American muscle. So, it wasn’t long before the Mustang Shop was born, allowing us to further specialise a product range and drive down prices on performance upgrades and accessories. We’ve even founded 2 projects cars, a Classic 67 Shelby and, currently undergoing modification, a silver 2016 Mustang V8.

You might have also heard of GAP Auto, the product development arm of our business, through which we’ve begun manufacturing our own automotive aftermarket parts tailored to exclusive needs of our customers.

Our promise

These last 10 years has seen us change in many ways, and to commemorate our 10 year anniversary we’ve decided it was time to reposition our principal brand with a new tagline.

Going beyond the basics of describing what we do, our new strapline embodies our business and team’s spirit.


Our new positioning represents:

  • tried and tested experience with each of our product ranges
  • emphasis on providing the highest standard for customer service
  • comprehensive knowledge, expertise and sound advice for our customers
  • a promise that our product ranges deliver the greatest performance
  • ambition to develop and improve in everything we offer

and ultimately…

Shares the aspiration of our customers and their cars as the ultimate performance enhanced drive.

With this in mind we’re excited to look to the future developments of the business and will be working to enhance our product ranges further, as well as update our website to improve the customer’s experience with us.

Keep checking our blog for new articles and advice on parts and accessories we offer.


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