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Introducing Project 6GR Wheels

Project 6GR wheels are designed with your Mustang in mind.

Their designs take homage from one of the most beautiful automotive masterpieces to ever hit the streets. Bold and prominent spokes provide a true American muscle feel to this simple yet masculine design.

The mission behind Project 6GR is simple... Increase Performance... Decrease Mass... and look Badass while doing it.

Check out the range of Project 6GR Wheels available from us below.

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Why choose Project 6GR wheels?

Project 6GR specialise in aftermarket alloy wheels
for Ford Mustangs. With bold aggressive designs that are perfect for muscle
cars, various colour options, and a wide variety of fitments available, Project
6GR are a go-to choice for thousands of Mustang owners looking for high
performance and great-looking alloy wheels.

Should I go with a square or staggered fitment?

Staggered wheel setups have wider wheels in the back, and
narrower wheels in the front. Square fitments on the other hand, have the same
width wheels on all four corners. Square setups offer more flexibility in terms
of rotation e.g. front to rear. Staggered setups do not allow for this, but are
more track-focused as they allow you to maximise the tyre width and increase
traction. It also creates a more aggressive muscle car stance. Project 6GR
offer both staggered and square fitments in their wheel sets.

Should I go with a 19” or 20” diameter for my Mustang?

Larger 20” wheels will offer sharper handling and increased
top speed, whereas smaller alloys will offer better acceleration (due to the
decreased weight), more comfort, and reduced road noise and fuel consumption.

I need help deciding on my fitment, can you help?

Nemesis UK have a wealth of experience and knowledge having
owned a variety of different modified vehicles. Our trained and qualified sales
staff are happy to give free advice and technical support to help you modify
your vehicle. Simply call us Mon-Fri 9am-5pm +44 (0)121 288 2561 or drop us an
email to

Do I need to buy TPMS sensors?

Project 6GR wheels do not come with TPMS sensors, which
should be bought separately. Add Nemesis UK's recommended SCHRADER
Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor (TPMS) for Mustang 2015-21 | #3188

available directly from us.