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Nemesis UK stocks superchargers and air induction kits from leading brands including Whipple Superchargers and Roush Performance.

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How does forced induction work?

Forced induction adds power to a vehicle’s engine. Engines
work by sucking air into a cylinder, mixing it with fuel and burning it to move
a piston. The more air that can be sucked into the engine, the more fuel can be
injected and hence, more power can be produced. Naturally aspirated engines
work by breathing in the air naturally, whereas forced induction works by using
either a turbocharger or supercharger to pull more air into the engine. This
essentially simulates having larger cylinders but without the added engine
weight and size.

What is the difference between a turbocharged and
supercharged engine?

A turbocharger (aka turbo) compresses and blows air into the
engine as it spins. A turbo does not require any power as it is mounted
directly onto the exhaust line, using the exhaust's own gases to cause it to
spin. Turbos can suffer from lag because there is a slightly delay before the
exhaust gasses are produced causing it to spin.

A supercharger is not driven by the exhaust, but is
connected via a belt to the engine. This mechanical action causes the
supercharger to spin whenever the engine spins. This means there’s no lag.
However, it does take some energy away from the engine, and needs to make up
for this deficit before it produces power.

Essentially, turbos are more efficient as they use “free”
power from the exhaust gasses, however superchargers don’t suffer from lag.

What supercharger kits do you stock?

Nemesis UK stock supercharger kits from Whipple
and Roush Performance.
Our bestsellers include the ROUSH
Supercharger Kit (Phase 2) For F-150 6.2L 2011-14
Stage 2 Supercharger (GEN 5) For Mustang 5.0L GT 2015-17.