ROUSH Supercharger (Phase 3) for Mustang 5.0L 2011-14 | #421542

Roush Phase 3 Supercharger Kit For Mustang 5.0L V8 2011-14 | #421542 -  ROUSH® available at NEMESISUK.COM
Roush Phase 3 Supercharger Kit For Mustang 5.0L V8 2011-14 | #421542 -  ROUSH® available at NEMESISUK.COM
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Supercharger (Phase 3)
for Ford Mustang 5.0L V8 2011-14 
Manufactured by ROUSH® Performance #421542

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The Phase 3 Supercharger Kit by ROUSH is the ultimate power-adder for your 2011-2014 5.0L Ford Mustang GT. This kit is calibrated to deliver 675 HP and 585 FT/LB of torque, an increase of 255 HP and 195 FT/LB over stock!

With this much horsepower under the hood, ROUSH Performance went one step further to ensure that the fuel delivery system can meet the increased fuel needs. A Fuel Pump Voltage Regulator and an easy to install Plug-n-Play wiring harness were developed to help protect against extreme fuel-to-air changes and possible engine damage.

The 675 HP Phase 3 Calibrated Supercharger Kit is part of the TVS (Twin Vortices Series) line of superchargers, developed by ROUSH, that have raised the bar for performance, reliability and efficiency. This is the same line that has been used and proven for years in ROUSH-built vehicles. The ROUSH R2300 supercharger features Eaton's TVS technology rotating assembly that delivers more power and better fuel economy in a smaller package for uncompromising performance.

Product highlights for the 2011-2014 ROUSH Mustang Supercharger - Phase 3 675 HP:

  • Produces 675 horsepower and 585lb-ft of torque (255 HP gain and 208 lb-ft gain over stock)
  • R2300 Supercharger featuring Eaton’s new TVS Technology. The new Twin Vortices Series features four-lobe rotors with high-flow inlet and outlet that allow more air to pass at higher RPM’s, resulting in more power
  • ROUSH Fuel Pump Voltage Regulator to moderate fuel flow and ensure a proper fuel-to-air charge ratio
  • Plug-n-Play wiring harness where no modifications are needed to the vehicles fuel pump wiring system
  • Fuel charging assembly with ROUSH designed upper and lower aluminum intake manifolds
  • High efficiency intercooler system featuring a large full face low temp radiator, oversize coolant degas bottle, high capacity air-to-water intercooler and formed hoses with abrasion-resistant sleeves
  • Twin 60mm throttle body and throttle body spacer
  • ROUSH cold air induction system with 110mm MAF, washable/re-usable open element air filter and air dam
  • High flow fuel rail with 47lb injectors
  • To be downloaded using the ROUSH Diagnostic Tool (RDT) software
  • Bolt on 80mm supercharger pulley
  • 2011-2014 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L-4v engine -- Manual transmission only (excludes BOSS 302)

    Vehicle Application

    Model Engine Years
    Mustang 5.0L 2011-14



    Difficulty Advanced
    Time 10 Hours
    Tools Garage Tools
    Instructional URL Download Instruction Manual

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    ROUSH Supercharger (Phase 3) for Mustang 5.0L 2011-14 | #421542

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