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SEMA 2017 - The What, The Who and The Why

by Guy Tomlinson 17 Nov 2017

The 2017 SEMA Show took place earlier this month in Las Vegas, USA. And this year, the famed automotive show did not disappoint guests.

Several new concepts and products were announced and we’re here to give you a roundup of the highlights.

SEMA is THE place to see the latest technology and equipment from brands offering high performance manufacturing and aftermarket solutions, as each company is there to show-off their latest engineering feats.

Perhaps the most endearing car to feature at the show was the Roush 2018 Ford Mustang 729. A one of a kind widebody supercharged stallion, this premium vehicle was star of the show and wet the lips of every mustang fanatic out there.

Blog - SEMA 2017 - Roush Mustang 729 2018 - Image 1
Image Credit: Roush Performance

On the exterior side, the car’s Grabber Green finish was displaced with a commemorative hue harking back to the 1970 Ford Boss 429 and being honest, this colour alone was enough to make us fall in love.

But even without the makeup she’s a natural beauty, featuring the all-new Roush 2018 Mustang Body Kit and improved with Wide Body extensions as well as Custom Carbon Fibre parts developed in collaboration with Anderson Composites.

You can believe us when we say that Hood Scoop provides both form and function as it feeds the Roush ‘Air Gobbler’ Induction System and Cold Air Intake. Both essential to achieving high performance as hiding under the hood is the brand new 2018 Supercharger developed by Roush and Ford Performance, more on this later.

Of course, with all that power the addition of Brembo GT Series Brakes and a Roush 3-Way Adjustable Coilover Suspension help keep the car grounded. And our favourite Roush Active Quad Tip Exhaust provides the desired drive tune too.

It’s no wonder the gorgeous Roush 729 Mustang became such a sensation as most of the features are real upgrades available (or soon to be) from the above-named manufacturers.

In comparison some of the vehicles on display at SEMA were rather more ‘conceptual’ and modifications not at all likely to be seen on our roads anytime soon… For instance, a fun adaptation by our friends at American Racing Headers is the outrageously modified second-gen Toyota Prius featuring a Hellcat V-8 engine.

Image Credit: Car and Driver

In total undiluted mockery of the original purpose electric hybrid, this anti-Prius, coined the PriuSRT8, honours the basic shell of the former but exchanges all other parts in order to support the beastly 700+ horse powered engine.

As if this engine alone was not enough ridiculousness, they upped the anti another notch with the addition of a Whipple Supercharger. In their own words, “we thought we’d poke a little fun at what compels people to drive these turds”. Sure set to ruffle feathers we can’t help but wonder, if this is what they can conjure up on America’s favourite hybrid, imagine what they will do for a real muscle machine!?

So moving on from the ridiculous, lets now turn your head to the outstanding presence of BMW at this year’s SEMA. Despite its German origins, BMW secured their relevance in the overtly all-american show with a showcase BMW M3 30 Years American Edition.

The car commemorates the company’s arrival on the US market in 1987 and its red exterior with complementary white and blue interior provided testament to the nation.

Image Credit: BMW Blog

Though it featured some nice modifications, next to this was the car that really captivated our imagination - the impressively upgraded M Performance Parts M5, debuting the company’s hotly anticipated performance aftermarket division goods.

Blog - SEMA 2017 - BMW M5 M-Performance - Image 1
Image Credit: AutoBlog

The range of modifications is set to make what is already a powerful car into a more aggressively tuned alternative. As well as styling features such as Carbon Fibre Side Skirts and trims, it also offered up the M Performance Coilover Setup for added performance and dynamics which will allow tuning adjustments for either road or track.

Additionally, the M Performance Exhaust will provide an even more impressive exhaust note to your ride.

We look forward to seeing the manufacturer offer these as factory options early next year and be available on the aftermarket toward late 2018 – watch this space!

Of course, we can’t talk about performance parts without coming full circle to the new Roush/Ford Performance 2018 Mustang Supercharger which stole the show at this year’s event.

Blog - SEMA 2017 - BMW M5 M-Performance - Image 1
Image Credit: Roush Performance

The Supercharger Kit is specially designed to work with the 2018 Ford Mustang’s 5.0-liter V8’s new port and direct injection fuel system. It aims to deliver over 700 horse power much, boosting the already impressive 460 horsepower offered as stock by over two thirds.

While we don’t yet have a date for the 2018 Supercharger to be released, you can buy the Phase 1 or Phase 2 systems right now for your 2015-17 model mustang, the later reaching a blessed 727 horsepower on GT V8s. To support the UK market we also provide the Right Hand Drive Hardware to make the installation possible.

While on the theme of 'best ponies in show', we can’t help ourselves but mention the RTR 2018 Mustang, which was revealed at SEMA 2017 and embodies the spirit of Pro Formula Drift driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. The RTR ‘Ready to Rock’ brand has been developing mustangs since 2014, and this latest creation is beyond expectations.

Image Credit: Mustang RTR

Featuring the signature RTR front LED grille and finished with a RTR Appearance Package plus Sculpted Hood to enhance the overall curvature of the model. RTR Tech 7 Wheels adorn the sides and under the hood further performance driven enhancements boast a horsepower of 700+ on the ‘Spec 3’ models using a Ford Performance Supercharger and a RTR air-to-water intercooler.

All in all, a very desirable offering which we would very much like to get our hands on!

Finally, last but by no means least, we were thrilled to learn that Magnaflow were awarded at this year’s SEMA with the prestigious Manufacturer of the Year award.

Blog - SEMA 2017 - Magnaflow Manufacturer of the Year 2017Having worked with this supplier since our early beginnings, we at Nemesis UK (aka Magnaflow UK) have always held the company in the highest esteem. Of course, their booth dominated the show and with the addition of guest celebrities and MF equipped vehicles appearing all over the exhibition floor it comes as no surprise for them to receive this recognition. Moreover, as both performance manufacturers and industry leading experts this Californian manufacturer apply R&D to create some of the best performing exhaust systems and packages in the market.

Keep your eyes tuned to our blog for further reviews of Magnaflow performance packages and sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest updates on Magnaflow and all our other performance brands each month.

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