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SPOTTED: Project Mustang heads to Evo Magazine's Track Event

by Philip May 29 Jun 2018

Our Project Mustang took to the course at Rockingham Motor Speedway last Friday evening, 22nd June 2018, in a track event organised by EVO Magazine.

The car was last here in August 2017, back when it was essentially still running on stock parts. A year on, we thought it would only be right to bring the car back and take measure of the improvements we’ve added to it since.

The event boasted a great variety of cars and driver ability, we spotted classics like the Golf GTI, Mercedes 190E and a Ford Escort, as well as some sportier modern cars like the track prepared BMW M3’S (E46 & E92) and a Porsche 991 GT3. And of course, there was a good selection of hot hatches in attendance, including the track favourite Renault Clio. We even recognised a few familiar faces on the course, such as the Classic Porsche Carrera RS and a Blue Lotus Exige which both attended the Evo Magazine Rockingham event back in 2017.

Project Mustang at Rockingham Motor Speedway - Aug 2017 - Photo Credit: Evo Magazine

With all that performance competition I was seriously impressed with the capability of the Project Mustang in keeping up with these others, considering the added weight of our American Muscle vehicle compared with the ‘trimmer’ European vehicles we were on course with.

A fact I believe is down to the new aerodynamic modifications like extreme aero kit, front splitter, canards and impressive GT wing on the rear, plus sporting suspension, which held the car to the track surface so that the under-hood upgrades could power on, without threat of coming off the track.

Then again, the summer evening boasted some very hot weather, which took a noticeable effect on the tyres, Mitchell Pilot Sports, which were going off much quicker than we’ve felt at previous track events. This lead to reduced grip and powering out of corners became more interesting as we left a variety of corners such as Yentwood and Chapman Curve sideways…

A key to Mustang ownership is knowing how to drive it in conditions like these, the car’s owner Guy has plenty of experience with the vehicle, this, tied with his quick reflexes and unwavering confidence made the whole experience a thrilling ride… though I’m not certain I enjoyed being thrown about in the passenger seat so much, having to reach for ANYTHING I could hold onto for some of the hairier corners, Guy seemed to be having a whale of a time!

Seeing how the project car handled I can understand why selecting the right performance modifications really brings a beast like the Ford Mustang S550 to life on track. The only knock was not being able to keep up with the track prepared Clios, or the new Megane RS which are a real secret weapon when unleashed on track.

Project Mustang at Rockingham Motor Speedway - June 2018 - Photo Credit: Evo Magazine

I want to end with a shout out to Evo Magazine for a great evening. This year’s event was sponsored by BMW and MPower which also meant drivers were given the opportunity to test a variety of MPower cars throughout the evening. We had the choice of BMW 140i, 240i, M3 Competition pack or could opt for a ride in the passenger seat of the hardcore BMW M4 DTM, driven by a responsible enthusiast of course.

We can’t wait to come back for the next event, and see if we can shift that pesky Clio off the spot as top dog! For more pictures of the event and a link to Evo Magazines Facebook page click here.

Written by willing passenger Phil May, Sales & Warehouse Assistant at Nemesis UK.

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