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What's your flavour? We take a look at the range of styles on offer from Ferrada Wheels.

by Dawn Tomlinson 01 Nov 2017

We’re now listing the full range from Ferrada Wheels, so to give you a taste of what’s available we've laid on a feast of imagery and videos of each, to sink your teeth into. 

When it comes to cars everyone's got different tastes and their own ways of showing off their flare for style. Finding the perfect wheel can make a big difference to the profile of your ride.

What's more, if you're 'performance driven' like us you'll be careful to choose wheels that are built with quality and strength and can handle your driving force. 

Ferrada have unequivocal engineering making their wheels one of the top of the line options out there. And with a range of 7 alternate designs there's sure to be an option to suit your palate. Don't believe us, take a look for yourself... 

The Ferrada FR1

Our Project Mustang is currently running on the original FR1s. The chunky cut of these 7 spoke wheels look seriously aggressive in Matte Black and compliment the stylings of our Anthracite Grey Satin wrap.

The Ferrada FR2

The FR2 is the ultimate statement wheel. The 10-spoke, deep concave rim is made to turn heads and is engineered for performance, strength and durability. Looks great in this tester video of the revamped Nissan Maxima.

The Ferrada FR3

FR3s are a meaner breed of wheel from Ferrada. Striped back to 5 spokes they have a dominating alternative design. Seen here, the Machine Silver wheels contrast with the High Gloss finish on this Dodge Durango, and paired with tyres and bolts puts heavy emphasis on this statement wheel.

The Ferrada FR4

The deep concave cut of these, paired with the slim spokes makes the FR4s the Jekel and Hyde of wheels. They ooze style and finesse but look again and they roar with ferocity. Featured here on the Audi RS6 in Machine Silver, these 22x11” wheels are seriously desirable.

The Ferrada F8-FR5

The FR5s have a spine tingling design will make any vehicle more menacing. Ferrada have teamed it with the Lamborghini Huracan’s svelte design in their latest tester video, and we think you’ll agree It looks quite the killer.

The Ferrada F8-FR6

You might have also seen the Nemesis Mustang sporting the FR6s from Ferrada’s Forge 8 series in Machine Silver. These 7 bar wheels are specially crafted to reduce weight and give a race ready aesthetic to our car.

The Ferrada F8-FR8

The F8s are simply mesmerizing, given their perfectly symmetrical 10 spoke design. And because the wheel bars extend to the edge of the lip, it creates the illusion of a much larger wheel. We love the contrast of these Matte Bronze wheels against the bright white of this Mercedes C-Class.

So there you have it, 7 sublime wheels from Ferrada. In case you were wondering, most are available in 3 colour options: Machine Silver, Matte Black/Graphite and Matte Bronze. So if your an enthusiast looking to level up on style you're sure to find an option to suit you.

Keep an eye on our blog where we'll be following up with a review of the FR1s and FR6s both tried and tested on our Project Mustang. And we'll also announce any hot releases from Ferrada at this years Sema Show in Las Vegas.

As well, if you have any questions about sizes, fitment options or styles of our wheels, give us a call on 0121 288 2561.

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