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Looking for the ultimate performance upgrades? Our huge selection of engine products will maximise your vehicle’s performance. Ranging from supercharger kits to replacement parts including spark plugs and ignition coils, Nemesis UK are proud to stock high quality products from the top manufacturers including Roush, UPR Products, Drake Muscle Cars, and Whipple.

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How much performance does a supercharger add?

By compressing the air and forcing more oxygen into the
engine, superchargers can result in incredible performance gains. Typically,
you can expect a supercharger to add around 50-100 horsepower however in some
cases it can be significantly more. One of our most popular superchargers is
Stage 1 Supercharger (GEN 5) For Mustang 5.0L GT 2015-17
which adds up to
355hp and 220ft/lb of torque.

What is the difference between a turbo and supercharger?

Both serve the purpose of compressing the air to force more
oxygen into the engine, increasing power and torque. Turbos are driven by the
engine's own exhaust gasses, whereas superchargers are driven mechanically.
Superchargers produce a more linear power curve, working at lower rpms compared
to turbos which have an exponential power curve and “turbo-lag”. In other
words, when you put your foot down with a supercharger, you get that power
boost immediately.

Which manufacturers make the best superchargers?

Roush and Whipple are two industry-leading manufacturers of

have been around since the late ‘80s and manufacture all
their superchargers in California. Whilst consistently striving to improve the
quality and performance of their kits, Whipple also focus on making the
installation process as straightforward as possible with plug and play wiring
and no cutting or splicing necessary.

are widely regarded as the go-to performance parts manufacturer
for Ford vehicles. Praised for their power and reliability, Roush superchargers
offer incredible performance. 

Do you install superchargers?

Nemesis UK do not install parts however we do have an
extensive list of recommended
across the UK so you can find a reputable installation