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Nemesis UK stocks an extensive range of exterior styling products to transform your vehicle. Our products include body panels, front & side splitters, rear valances, grilles, spoilers, wings, replacement emblems, and much more.  As stockists of the leading brands in the industry including Roush, Cervini’s, and Anderson Composites, we have options for every style.

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Why choose Nemesis UK for your exterior styling

Nemesis UK is a leading supplier of a whole range of exterior styling products for American, European, and Japanese vehicles. We only stock quality parts and have access to the best options from industry-leading brands including Roush, Cervini’s, and Anderson Composites. With over 50 years of combined experience in the automotive parts business, our trained and qualified sales staff are happy to offer technical support to help you transform your vehicle.

What are the best exterior styling modifications?

It really depends on what your goal is. Are you looking to completely transform the look of your vehicle? Or are you just getting started and looking for a couple of easy mods to suit your style? At Nemesis UK, we have option an option for everyone. 

The great thing about exterior styling modifications is that they are very personal to the owner. We have hundreds of options available and there really is no “best” mod. With that said, some of our most popular styling mods include spoilers, wings, splitters, grilles, and emblems. Our bestsellers include the Mustang Roush Rear Spoiler, and Coyote Premium Wheel Accessories.

Do exterior styling mods offer any benefits other than just the visual improvement?

Exterior styling mods don’t just help improve the look of the vehicle, but can also offer loads of other benefits. Spoilers help to improve braking stability, whilst diffusers help to improve aerodynamics.
Composite hoods (e.g. Anderson Composites ‘Ram Air’) can also be used for weight reduction.