MAGNAFLOW 2.5in/64mm Universal High Flow Catalytic Converter 200 Cell | #59906

Universal High Flow Cat 63mm 2.5" O/OSS 200 Cell Round 4" x 9" | Magnaflow #59906


SKU: 59906MF

Universal Catalytic Converter

2.5" Inlet | 2.5" Outlet
4x9" Round Offset/Offset Same Side
200 Cell High Flow Sports Cat
Manufactured by Magnaflow | Part #59906

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Nemesis UK is the official named dealer of Magnaflow Exhausts, parts and accessories in the United Kingdom.

MagnaFlow specializes in superior catalytic converter and exhaust technology and each converter is designed to the exact original equipment specifications.

MagnaFlow's engineers have developed a revolutionary new compact catalytic converter design for use in tight places, such as on street rods or for custom car applications.

Utilizing new manufacturing techniques, MagnaFlow fabricates each converter body from a single CNC-formed and laser-welded tubular section, which is then spun into a round converter body shape. Each converter is literally manufactured around the ceramic catalyst, which is securely tucked inside, and necks down to thicker gauge.


Magnaflow Part No 59906
Type Universal
Series Standard Grade
Inlet Diameter 2.5in / 63.5mm
Outlet Diameter 2.5in / 63.5mm
Body Shape Round
Body Width 4in / 101.6mm
Overall Length 9in / 228.6mm
Oxygen Sensor Location None
Body Type Spun
Body Material Stainless Steel

Nemesis UK sell only genuine parts and are honoured to be the top distributor for Magnaflow products across Europe.

Our warehouse holds the UK's largest stock of direct-fit and universal applications offering same-day dispatch is available on 100s parts.

Magnaflow universal catalytic converters are available in various sizes and backed by MagnaFlow's lifetime warranty. Can't find the part you're looking for? Get in touch.

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MAGNAFLOW 2.5in/64mm Universal High Flow Catalytic Converter 200 Cell | #59906

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