BG PRODUCTS Syncro Shift II Full Synthetic Gear Lubricant | #79232E

BG PRODUCTS Syncro Shift II Full Synthetic Gear Lubricant  | #79232E

BG Products

SKU: BG-79232E

Syncro Shift® II
Full Synthetic Gear Lubricant 
32 Fl. Oz. / 946ml ("Quart") 
Manufactured by BG Products | Part #79232E

BG Syncro Shift® II is a specially formulated gear lubricant designed for front wheel drive manual transmissions.

BG Syncro Shift® II Full Synthetic Gear Lubricant is a professional-use product designed for manual transmissions, trans-axles and transfer cases.

It provides unmatched film strength, wear protection, exceptional mechanical shearing resistance, and excellent low temperature fluidity. All this without sacrificing any performance characteristics.

Automatic transmission fluid and other light lubricants are often recommended for use in transfer case, manual transmission, and trans-axle applications. Because these fluids are light viscosity, low film strength fluids they do not fully protect all components. Manual transmissions and trans-axle applications induce severe fluid shearing, greatly sacrificing wear protection.

For professional use. It is a full synthetic API GL-4 gear lubricant blended to SAE 75W-80 viscosity and may be effectively used in vehicles where engine oil, ATF or GL-4 gear oil is specified as “service fill” for manual transmissions. Also suitable for use where GM PN 12345349 (specification 9985648) FORD PN D80Z19C547A, PN ESRY19C547A and MERCEDES-BENZ PN 900260315 are specified. *Use quantity in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.

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BG PRODUCTS Syncro Shift II Full Synthetic Gear Lubricant | #79232E

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