ROUSH Rocker Winglets (Molded Black) for Mustang 2015-21 | #421882

Fitted Roush Rocker Winglets (Molded Black) for Mustang 2015-18 | #421882 Nemesis Uk


SKU: RO-421882

Rocker Winglets (Molded Black)
for Ford Mustang 2.3L Ecoboost / 3.7L V6 / 5.0L GT 2015-21
Manufactured by ROUSH® Performance #421882

Roush from Nemesis UK

ROUSH Aero parts are made in house at ROUSH manufacturing facilities in the USA.

The plastic is molded with high-pressure injection and is designed using Ford's own CAD data for optimum quality and fit to ensure a quick and easy installation.

There's no need for sanding, trimming or cutting and high-quality exterior mounting tape is included for painless installation. ROUSH Rocker Aero Aids are unpainted.

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ROUSH Rocker Winglets (Molded Black) for Mustang 2015-21 | #421882

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