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Post-Brexit | Information for customers in the EU & Northern Ireland

by Dawn Ankrett 12 Jan 2021

On 1st January 2021 the UK exited the European Union, this transition is also known as Brexit.

Further information is provided below for European customers who may be impacted by these events. 

Website Pricing

Nemesis UK is established in the United Kingdom. The prices shown on our website are inclusive of UK VAT at 20%.

For items on sale, you may also see an original item price next to the Sales price, which is also representative of normal UK pricing including VAT.

European customers

For new orders placed after 1st January 2021

We have updated our online order system to remove UK VAT for European Customers.

In order to see pricing with UK VAT removed you must do the following:

  1. Add items to your basket as normal. 
  2. From the cart page, click 'Go to Checkout'.
  3. Enter your information including delivery address. 
  4. If the delivery address is outside the UK, the checkout page will update automatically to show product prices with VAT removed. The cost of shipping is also provided and your order total with UK VAT removed.

You can then complete your order with UK VAT removed. You may still be required to pay Import VAT locally, see below. 

Please note, all prices on our website are given in GBP Pound Sterling. Your payment provider will perform any currency exchange, which may alter the amount you pay in your local currency, and is dependant on the payment method used and time of your transaction.

For past orders, placed before 31st December 2020

Customers who placed an order with us before 31st December 2020 and have not yet received their goods will be contacted directly.

Since the UK has left the EU, customers who will receive their order after 1st January will now have to pay Import VAT locally on your order, see below. To counter this we aim to refund the UK VAT you have already been charged and will send you an update on this in due course.

Orders placed before 31st December 2020 and delivered before Brexit on 1st January 2021 will not be affected. Orders placed after 1st January 2021 will have had UK VAT removed at checkout, as detailed above.

IMPORTANT - Our staff are extremely busy at the moment. We appreciate your patience as we try to provide updates to affected customers as quickly as possible. 

Import VAT

For goods delivered after 1st January 2021, once your items have reached your country you will now be required to pay local VAT (Tax) on the value of your order, before it can be released to you.

Your local courier depot or postal service will get in touch with you to confirm the amount due and how you can make payment.

If you do not pay the local taxes, your parcel(s) may be withheld or returned back to us and you will be liable for any shipping costs incurred.

*Before 1st January 2021 you would not have experienced this for parcels received from the UK, as before Brexit items sent between UK and EU countries benefitted from the unified EU Tax system.

Customs Duty

The UK trade agreement with the EU means that duty tariffs will not be applicable on products that meet particular requirements.

IMPORTANT - We are yet to understand the full implications of the UK trade agreement. We will provide European customers with as much support as possible, once we have a better understanding of the tariff charges that you might be charged when the goods arrive in your country. 

Delivering to the EU

Orders to EU countries will now require additional paperwork and may take longer to process as a result.

Orders are usually sent with one of our fast parcel operators such as DPD, DHL or TNT.

We will update you with information to track your delivery once it has been dispatched from our UK warehouse.

IMPORTANT - The recent impacts of Covid-19 as well as Brexit has caused some courier services to be suspended. We expect services to return to normal from Friday 15th January 2021 and will provide more updates after this time.

Customers in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland remains part of the UK for domestic VAT purposes and sending of goods between our nations. There should be no immediate change to our pricing or the way orders are processed and shipped for our customers in Northern Ireland. 


Last Updated 17:51, 12th Jan 2021.
The information provided above is given as guidance only for our customers and is based on our understanding from Brexit resources available to us at the time of posting. We aim to keep this information as up to date as possible with any new learnings. Nemesis UK reserves the right to amend/remove this information at any time.

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