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Going ‘Under the Knife’ - We explore the updates of the 2018 'Facelift' Ford Mustang

by Philip May 04 Dec 2018

The 2018 Mustang is seeing positive sales since launching earlier this year in the UK. But what makes this variant more desirable than the former 2015-17 model?

We unveil the latest made changes by Ford on the new ‘Facelift’ S550.

Going 'Under the Knife'

The 2015 ‘6G’ Mustang had a complete visual overhaul compared with its Fifth-Generation predecessor, but not satisfied Ford opted to develop the aesthetic further in the 2018 model.

Ford redefined the curvature of the car’s body with tighter angles to create a more angular and aggressive appearance.

To complement this, the 2018 Rear Spoiler has a more fierce design and aims to improve aerodynamics, while the headlights have been replaced with LEDs, which are now fitted alongside the daytime-running lights eliminating the need for an additional light cavity. On the rear of the car, the angles are more defined again through the tail-lights.

As well as expanding the honeycomb on the front upper grille and opting for a straight-through vent on the lower grille, the hood now features air vents as standard, which aims to maximise airflow through the engine bay allowing for smarter cooling.

Compared to the 2015 model which received a fair amount of negative feedback over the ‘budget’ feel of the dashboard, the new model has also received an upgraded chrome trim and exchanges analogue gauges with a fully digital display which can switch viewing modes based on the preference of the driver.

Modifications where it counts

As well as visual mods, Ford has worked tirelessly to improve the output from this modern muscle car.

The 2018 Mustang GT now boasts an additional 34 BHP over its predecessor, due in main to the redeveloped inlet manifold now offered as standard.

The GT is now also offered with a dual active valve performance exhaust from stock, offering the driver the ability to choose between a fantastically desirable V8 sound (a more impressive exhaust note than the original S550 V8) or permits the user to switch over to a placated tone (so you can stop upsetting the neighbours on a late arrival home!)

Ford has also sought to tighten the suspension for the 2018 model, and similar to the exhaust, offer the MagneRide Active Suspension; opt for standard setting day-to-day and then flick the switch on Sundays for a stiffer Sport mode, there’s even a Track mode for more advanced driving scenarios.

The other major update is a brand new 10-speed automatic gearbox which provides seamless change through the gears tailored to the driving mode selected. Of course, there’s still the 6-speed manual option for those who prefer to throttle through the gears Steve McQueen style.

And finally, in bringing their technology up to date, the new pony has a few additional driving features included like Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Keeping Alert and Adaptive Cruise Control.

Paying for the privilege

With all the changes, it’s no surprise one of the biggest differences about the fresh-faced 2018 Mustang compared to its older brother would be the price.

Back in 2015, a brand-new V8 Mustang featuring premium upgrades would have cost around £36,000. At the time of printing, their current RRP from new starts at £38,165.00 for the basic model.

By comparison, the ‘New Mustang’ 2018 Facelift GT is currently retailing at a cool £42,745 starting price, that’s a hell of a jump for what are essentially visual modifications.

And by the time you add on optional extras like the MagneRide Suspension and Active Exhaust, you’d be looking at very little change from £50,000.

But for enthusiasts, the beauty of the Mustang is the power to personalise it, and although there are many aftermarket parts and accessories that will fit the 2018 car, some brands have held off developing parts which makes it less attractive in the eyes of many for now.

This is especially so in the UK where the RHD specification (and additional regulation Gas Particulate Filter to reduce emissions) creates extra legwork for the manufacturers to research and develop around.

What to expect next

Whether we’ll see another variation of the S550 launched in the next year is debatable, as it would have to serve a new extreme in performance to warrant further adaptation so soon.

However, as Ford proved back in January at the unveiling of the exclusive edition 2018 Bullitt Mustang, there are plenty of avenues to explore in keeping things fresh.

In the meantime, we’ll stick to sourcing the best in Performance Driven parts for your Mustang. Check out our entire product range for the modern Mustang using the navigation on the left.

And if you have any specific parts you would like but you can’t find them on our website don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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