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What's with the weather?

by Dawn Tomlinson 28 Nov 2018

WINTER IS COMING... Which means now is as good a time as any to arm your car against the harsher elements.

But save taking your car off the road entirely, what's the next best way to guard your body styling and paintwork through freezing climates and Britain's 'dirt trap' roads?

We've got just 2 basic suggestions to help you prepare...

1. Protect your paintwork with Ceramic Coating by Pyramid Car Care.

We highly rate the products offered by PCC so it’s no surprise that their Ceramic Coating, which launched earlier this year, has already gained recognition by big-wigs in the vehicle styling industry like Yiannimize and White Details.

The simple application and fast drying time makes it easy to do it yourself. While you will need somewhere clean and dry (and element free) to prep the vehicle, it takes just 30mins til touch-dry, and then only 4 hours before its 'safe to get the vehicle wet'.

And though no ceramic coating can provide total protection from rock chip damage, the added layers will protect against light scratches, sunlight and UV as well as Ice, Snow and solvents.

Buy Premium Ceramic Coating for just £69.99

Still not convinced? Check out the VLOG BY WHITES DETAILS at the end.

2. Kit your ride out with Mud Guards

We know it sounds basic but you'll thank us when the temperatures drop and you spot those pesky Salt Spreaders on the roads.

Mud guards not only keep mud at bay, they prevent road debris from reaching the sensitive undercarriage of your vehicle. And despite salt being the best cure for icy roads, it reaps havoc on metal surfaces causing rust and corrosion.

Not only that, but Guards also reduce the amount of debris thrown into the air by the tyres, which can damage your wheels and paintwork. They are perhaps the most affordable defence for your car.

Check out the range of Rock Guards we offer from ZL1Addons for Ford Focus, RS and Mustang.

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