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Why choose Carroll Shelby Racing wheels?

Carroll Shelby offers an extensive range of aftermarket alloy wheels in
different styles, colours, diameters, widths, and offsets. Their wheels are
made using the latest technology to ensure performance and durability, and
they’re extensively tested to ensure they stand up to unforgiving terrain. 

What are flow-formed wheels?

Flow-formed wheels are almost like a hybrid of cast and forged
wheels. Cast wheels are the most common option in the aftermarket wheel world.
They’re cheaper, but also less dense meaning they lack in terms of strength.
Cast wheels made by pouring molten aluminium into a mould. Forged wheels on the
other hand are very expensive but offer the best in terms of strength. They’re
made from a solid piece of aluminium which is then heated and pressurised
resulting in a very dense alloy wheel. Flow-formed wheels are created by
heating a cast wheel and then using rollers to increase the density of the
material. This makes flow-formed wheels stronger than cast wheels, but cheaper
than forged wheels. Carroll Shelby specialise in flow-formed wheels.

What is the most popular wheel size for Ford Mustangs?

The most popular wheel sizes for modern Ford Mustangs is 20
x 9.5”. Some owners also like to go with a staggered fitment, rocking 11” wide
wheels in the rear.

What is the difference between diamond cut and painted wheels?

Painted wheels have a primer, colour coat, and clear coat to protect the finish.
Diamond cut wheels are prepared by first painting, and then polishing the face on
a lathe so you can see the metal and finally the finish is clear coated. Diamond-cut wheels offer a
unique two-tone appearance; however, they are much more susceptible to
corrosion compared to painted wheels. Carroll Shelby offers both types of
finish. For example, the CS11
wheels have a diamond cut finish, and the CS14
wheels have a painted finish.

Do I need to buy TPMS sensors?

Carroll Shelby Wheels do not come with TPMS sensors, which
should be bought separately. Add Nemesis UK's recommended SCHRADER
Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor (TPMS) for Mustang 2015-21 | #3188

available directly from us.

I need help deciding on my fitment, can you help?

Nemesis UK have a wealth of experience and knowledge having
owned a variety of modified vehicles. Our trained and qualified sales
staff are happy to give free advice and technical support to help you modify
your vehicle. Simply call us Mon-Fri 9am-5pm +44 (0)121 288 2561 or drop us an
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