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Whether you’re just looking for replacement parts, or want to spruce up and personalise your vehicle’s interior, Nemesis UK offers a huge range of interior styling mods to suit your requirements. We have carefully curated our range which only includes high-quality products from trusted brands including Drake Muscle Cars, Ford, and Modern Billet.

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What interior styling modifications do you specialise in?

Our interior styling modifications are mainly geared towards Ford models. We visit the USA at least twice per year and have owned Mustangs for decades so we offer a huge range of options for fellow enthusiasts. We also stock mods for other Ford models including the Focus and Bronco. We stock a wide selection of products which range from simple aesthetic mods such as shift knobs and pedal kits, to more significant mods like steering wheels and short-throw shifters.  

What are the easiest interior styling mods to make?

If you’re looking for some simple interior styling mods to put your own touch on the cabin, then shift knobs, handbrake covers, and pedal kits are all great options. These offer a quick and easy installation process but really make a big visual improvement.

What other benefits do interior mods offer?

Some mods are just used to improve the look of the interior, but others have a functional benefit too. For example, our short-throw shifters (e.g. Barton
Manual Hybrid 3
) make going through the gears way more satisfying and allow for more precise and faster shifting.

Do you also offer engine bay styling mods?

Yes, we have several options to dress up the engine bay including carbon fiber engine covers and radiator covers. These are hugely popular with show car owners who are looking to smarten up their engine bay, and provide lightweight functionality.