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Nemesis UK stocks high-quality drivetrain equipment and upgrades for Ford and VAG vehicles. Our range includes flywheels, clutch kits, and drive shafts, from industry-leaders including Ford Performance Parts, QA1 Parts, Exedy, Mcleod, and more.

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Why upgrade the drivetrain?

The vehicle’s drivetrain is responsible for delivering power
to the wheels. Most enthusiasts upgrade parts like the exhaust to increase
horsepower, but you also need to consider upgrading the drivetrain to ensure
that it can handle these power increases. Upgrading the drivetrain means the
vehicle can handle more stress and strain, and is essential to maintain
stability and reliability.

Why upgrade the clutch?

Upgrading the clutch helps to compensate for power increases
as a result of other mods. Whilst they don’t make the engine more powerful,
they do make the drivetrain able to handle power increases.

Why upgrade the flywheel?

A popular drivetrain modification when upgrading the clutch
is to switch to a lightweight flywheel. Many clutch kits come with an upgraded
flywheel, for example the McLeod
RST Twin Disc Clutch
. The benefit is that a lighter flywheel spins more
freely, meaning the engine will accelerate more quickly.

Why upgrade the driveshaft?

Increasing your vehicle’s horsepower is only any good if
your drivetrain can withstand it. The risk of a stock driveshaft is that it
will snap under the increased stress. We stock QA1
Carbon Fibre Driveshafts
which allow you to transfer more power to the
ground and are stronger and lighter than steel and aluminium driveshafts. 

Why choose Nemesis UK for drivetrain parts?

We specialise in Ford Mustang parts and have a huge
selection of drivetrain upgrades available for you to choose from. We only
stock the best manufacturers so you rest assured that you’re getting the
highest quality parts.