KOOKS Long Tube Exhaust Headers (De-Cat/Catted/Green) for RHD Ford Mustang 5.0L GT 2015-23

Kooks Exhaust Header 1 3/4" x 3" Header/OEM O/R Connection RHD Ford Mustang 5.0L GT V8 2015-18 #1155H---
KOOKS Long Tube Exhaust Headers (De-Cat/Catted/Green) for RHD Ford Mustang 5.0L GT 2015-23

Kooks Headers

SKU: 1155H410

Long Tube Exhaust Headers
Available in 1.750in and 1.875in
for RHD Ford Mustang 5.0L GT 2015-21

Manufactured by Kooks Headers & Exhausts

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Kooks engineered a high-performance manifold header design specifically for the Right Hand Drive Ford Mustang GT S550.

Choose your desired fitment

  • 1 3/4" x 3" Headers
    Recommended for naturally aspirated Mustangs, powered up to 750bhp

  • 1 7/8" x 3" Headers 
    Recommended for Supercharged Mustangs, running at 750bhp+

Choose your desired connection

  • Catted Connection Kit
    Featuring Kooks 300-Cell High Flow Cats for cleaner emissions results.

  • Green Catted Connection Kit
    Featuring Kooks 300-Cell High Flow Cat with an additional specialized coating applied to the substrate, containing more precious metals to create an improved reaction for the cleanest emissions output. Also helps the cat to withstand increased heat from higher horsepower and forced induction applications. Kooks has also partnered with OneTreePlanted, for every Green cat purchased, a tree will be planted.

  • Non-Catted (Off Road) Connection Pipes
    Recommended for Track / Off-Road applications only, the Cats are removed for straight through performance and power.


  • Engineered Exclusively for the Right Hand Drive (RHD) Mustang
  • Stainless Steel Long Tube Headers
  • Connects to OEM Cat Back Connection Point
  • O2 extensions, gaskets, and all installation hardware included.

Vehicle Applications

  • Suitable for Right Hand Drive UK/AU applications
  • Ford Mustang 5.0L GT 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Includes Bullitt, Premium, and 50 Years Limited Edition Mustangs
  • Looking for LHD Options? Contact us for more information. 


  • Professional installation required
  • Vehicle will require tuning upon installation

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SKU: 1155H410

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