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Porsche Cayman & Boxster Jacking Points

by Paul Tomlinson 08 Jul 2019

Fabspeed Motorsport Rear Jacking Point and Tie Downs.

ZL1 Addons Jack/Lift Pads.

Confused were to locate your trolley jack and lift your car?  Especially when you want to support it on axle stands for servicing, or working under your car.

The Fabspeed Motorsport Rear Jacking point offers a quick and secure single position for lifting the rear end, leaving rear side jack points free to accommodate your axle stands.

Available for the following Porsche models:

Cayman/Boxster 987 – 987.1 – 981 – 718

Designed by Fabspeed following requests from motorsport enthusiasts, this simple addition ensures quick jacking of the rear of the car whilst avoiding any damage to critical suspension and engine components.

Precision engineered, Fabspeeds jack point is constructed from high-strength Domex steel with a red powder coated finish. In-stock and available for next day delivery.

Click Here to order online now.

 For further protection of your pride and joy, add a set of our ZL1 Addons Jack/Lift Point Protectors. Ideal for regular lifting of your car for wheel changes and inspection.

Produced from solid aluminium so adding virtually no weight, bolt-on jack pads are left on the car while driving. We offer this product in black or red. Easy to install with Allen key included. no drilling required. These fit most Porsche's.

Click Here to Order Online Now.

If you trailer your Boxster or Cayman to the circuit for Track Days, or Competition. We also have available Fabspeed Front & Rear Tie Downs.

These lightweight Tie Down Eyes ensure quick secure fixings for trailer straps. Produced from quality high strength steel and powder coated in red. They use existing vehicles OE bolts, and are simple to fit.

Click Here to order Online.

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