Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to transform and personalise the look of your vehicle is to change the wheels. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your alloys to improve the visuals, or are increasing the width or radius to improve performance, we have a great range of aftermarket wheels available in various sizes, offsets, designs, and colours, and stock leading brands including RTR Vehicles, Project 6GR, and Carroll Shelby.

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Why should you modify your wheels?

One of the main reasons to modify your car’s alloys is to improve the aesthetics. Every car is wearing stock wheels, so picking up some aftermarket wheels really makes the vehicle stand-out and can seriously upgrade the visuals. Modifying the wheels can also offer several performance benefits, for example weight-reduction. Changing the size of your wheels will also have an affect on acceleration, braking time, top speed, and handling.

What are the pros and cons of increasing the wheel diameter?

Assuming the wheels are the same make and model, larger alloy wheels offer sharper handling and increased top speed, whereas smaller alloys offer better acceleration potential, comfort, reduced road noise, and reduced fuel consumption.

What are the pros and cons of increasing wheel width?

Assuming the wheels are the same otherwise, wider alloys (and consequently wider tyres) help to improve handling, braking time, and acceleration. On the flip side, wider wheels have less aquaplaning resistance, reduced comfort, increased road noise, and poorer fuel economy.

What are the different types of alloy wheels?

There are two main types of alloy wheels: cast, flow-formed, and forged. Forged wheels are less porous and as a result, stronger, due to differences in the manufacturing process. Forged wheels also have the benefit of being lighter than cast wheels. The drawback though, is that they are more expensive. Flow-formed wheels offer a compromise between cast and forged wheels, improving upon the strength of a cast wheel but without the higher
price tag of a forged wheel.

What is the difference between painted and diamond-cut wheels?

These are two types of finishes that vary in terms of their look and durability. Painted wheels (e.g. RTR
Tech 5
) have a primer, colour coat, and clear coat to protect the finish. Diamond cut wheels (e.g. Carroll Shelby CS11) are prepared by first painting, and then polishing the face on a lathe so you can see the metal. The surface is then clear-coated. Diamond-cut wheels offer a unique two-tone appearance, however, they are much more susceptible to corrosion compared to painted wheels.